Faith, Hope and Love Rescue in need of Foster Homes!

Faith, Hope and Love Rescue in need of Foster Homes!
Annie, A shepherd Lab mix with special needs

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This small organization rescues most of their pets through county shelters, however they welcome all individual rescues, and will be even list them as a courtesy post. However, the group is in need of Foster Homes.

Fostering gives the pet a chance to be with a family where they can get some one on one attention. It also provides a family the chance to see if the pet is a good fit for themselves.

"We don't have a physical shelter building, we rely on foster homes." Liz Keiffer, Founder Faith, Hope and Love Rescue, Inc.

For those who have thought about having a pet, but are not sure about getting the right one, let Faith, Hope and Love help you find the right match.

The group has a strong foster and adopter base. They keep in very close contact with adopters, and their adopters will often adopt more than once.

In fact a family who adopted a puppy last year is going to foster a 14 year old Alaskan Malamute that the group offered to help, as her owner is in a health care facility.

"We are very proud of our foster and adopter base. Without our fosters and adopters our rescue couldn't operate." Liz Keiffer.

To see a list of adoptable pets, please go to:

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