Fabulous, luxurious gifts even dogs will love.

Fabulous, luxurious gifts even dogs will love.
Magniflex gold mattress . . . for dogs!

Here are some truly luxurious gifts that you and your dog can enjoy together. For the dog and person who seek practical luxury:

  • Fabuleash beaded leashes, even some with crystals. For parties only.
  • Merikh mini multi purpose bag. The fanciest poop bag carrier ever.
  • A gold mattress for your dog. Seriously. By special order, so ask for it.
  • Ribbon collars and harnesses by Diva Dog.
  • Beds, throvers and pillows from Crypton Super Fabrics. Waterproof. Amazing.

Remember: if your dog does not enjoy using a product designed for him or her, it is not a "luxurious pet product!"

What is the most self-indulgent pet product you've ever purchased? Did your dog love it? Please post comments below.