Euthanasia and shelters

Euthanasia and shelters

Animal Shelter Dog

Euthanasia is the number one cause of death amongst dogs and cats. Unfortunately, the citizens of our great country fail to understand that surrendering their dog or cat to any local animal shelter will most likely result in the animal’s death.

Your local animal services shelter is not a rescue organization, their job is not to save every animal, they don’t relocate every pet and their responsibility isn’t to make up for an owner’s lack thereof.

Animal services simply controls the balance of animals in a local area and assists when can with adoptions and animal recovery. However, they do not save every dog or cat! They will not give every dog or cat an indefinite amount of time to be saved because of overpopulation, and shelters operating at maximum capacity.

Animal owner’s need to fully understand, surrendering your pet does not mean it will be adopted, especially if you own a bully breed dog like a Pit Bull or Boxer. 90% of the time, a breed like a Pit Bull will be sentenced to death.

Do your best to relocate your pet to a loving family if you can no longer care for him/her. Surrendering your animal to animal services should be your absolute last resort, knowing your former companion will most likely be put to a permanent sleep.

I can only hope this article spreads an understanding to all pet owners. You don’t want to live with yourself knowing you are responsible for destroying the life of something you love.

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