Earth angel saves mom and puppies from sure death

Hughes, Arkansas: When Angie Heringer heard about this momma dog, she left her home in Jonesboro and headed toward the dog in distress. Angie has helped rescue over 100 street dogs from Hughes, but was unprepared for the desperate case which met her war weary eyes this day.

Earth angel saves mom and puppies from sure death

Momma and puppies in Hughes, Arkansas

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Earth angel saves mom and puppies from sure death

Stoic momma putting on a very brave front

"An abandoned momma dog raising her litter alone in the area. This morning she was moving her pups from a ditch where the water was rising. As she carried the last one across the road, they were both hit by a car."

The last puppy was killed and the momma was badly injured. She lay there all day in the rain, unable to move and without help.

This momma had drug herself to the side of the house by her puppies and was lying there crying when Angie arrived. The search turned up the babies huddled in the woods. Angie knew the dangers of handling a mother dog and especially one who has suffered the trauma and incredible pain as this dog had.

That didn't deter Angie. She put on her leather gloves and went in to save the family. "The mom and babies covered in fleas and ticks, and mom so frightened. The vet assessment/x-rays revealed a severe compression fracture of the spine. It is hoped that with drugs and rest, she may regain the ability to walk again. The next few days are crucial to tell us what her prognosis will be. She is at he clinic tonight with her 5 surviving pups…"

Rocky Ridge Refuge is full and stressed financially like other rescue groups who do the real work. In fact, the group is overrun with puppies from 6 litters, but will be taking in the mom and her family once released from the vet office.

Here is a story of courage, faith and love on all sides. Thank you to the brave good people of rescue in Arkansas who stepped up to the plate to show us what rescue work is all about.

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