Dutch, the appeal has been filed

Dutch, the appeal has been filed

Dutch, the appeal has been filed

The case of the service dog Dutch reached us here in the Puget Sound and touched our hearts in the first weeks of last month but information after the last court hearing has been difficult to get. At last we are able to confirm that the Aguilars have filed an appeal with Montrose County Court to continue their battle to save the life of their dog Dutch. Dutch is a service to Jeremiah who is a disabled veteran. Jeremiah Aguilar was been convicted of ownership of a dangerous or vicious animal last month and Judge Brown requested that Dutch be brought in to be put down on Valentine’s Day. The Montrose Press published on Feb. 28, 2013 that the Aguilar’s will receive a new trial on this issue according to city attorney Russ Duree.

As if the case of a dog biting his former owner after she beat him with not only her hands but also with a metal pole in order to break up a dog fight that there is no proof that ever took place was not enough, the Montrose Press has been causing its own controversy. Since the case went viral on the internet just before the court date last month the newspaper has repeated published the same articles over and over again with a different headline leading to a lot of confusion as to what was actually happening and it seems that they may be doing the same thing again now that the Aguilar’s have filed their appeal. Fueling their own controversy, all of their articles, new or just republished under a new name, they seem to lean heavily to the side of Judge Brown and siding with whatever the judge has said.

If you have not been following the case, rest assured that Dutch was not turned into animal control on Valentine’s Day and put to his death. Dutch’s current whereabouts are intentionally unknown is the location of the Aguilar’s. Last month Judge Brown also ordered that the Facebook page in support of Dutch be taken down and the creator of the page did follow the judge’s orders. However, in response to that order Facebook exploded with additional pages in support of Dutch and there are three petitions circulating as well.

Facebook Pages

Tribute to Dutch

Save Dutch II

Save Dutch. We are his voice.

I support Save Dutch

Save Dutch the Service Dog

Love and Support of Dutch. No Judge Will Order This Page Down.


The Petition Site


White House

If you have or know of a Facebook page or petition that I have missed here please feel free to leave a comment with a link and I will try to get this updated to include you. Know that the White House petition is very important as they are required to respond to any petitions that gain over 100,000 signatures.

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