Dumped in the Everglades

Dumped in the Everglades

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Florida - There is a disturbing activity taking place in South Florida.

Dumped in the Everglades
Abandoned in the Everglades

Dogs, no longer wanted by their owners, are being abandoned in the Everglades.

Abandoning a dog is bad on a good day. Abandoning a dog in a dangerous environment such as the Everglades is unspeakably cruel.

Beyond the fear and loneliness that an abandoned dog experiences are the real dangers - the heat, the deadly snakes and who could forget alligators?

Predators abound.

Not to mention the danger of dogs who try to find humans again - only to encounter cars on the roads...

As people have become aware of this disturbing trend, they have left food and water out for these homeless throw-aways.

But food and water are not enough - these dogs need to be saved.

One rescue is attempting to rescue these cast offs, but they are in need of assistance.

Heidi's Legacy is in need of foster homes - as well as funds for vetting and food.

Rescue organizations have the power to accomplish great things - but they are only as good as the resources that they possess.

Please help share this story - please let others know what is going on right now in South Florida.

Anyone who is willing and/or able to help is asked to email [email protected]

Thank you.

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