Dressage: Making a smooth transition

Dressage: Making a smooth transition
Horse and rider makes smooth transitions.

One of the most beautiful types of equine arts today is the sport of dressage. In dressage, the horse is the star of the show. Although the moves appear effortless, dressage trials are the end result of hours of hard work and focus. When making a smooth transition from one gait to another, horse and rider must be perfectly balanced without breaking the stride. When in the downward stride, the hindquarters must be engaged so the front end can move upwards gracefully.

Sometimes the horse may become a little unbalanced. When this happens, the rider has to maintain the seat and hold the position. This skill is the result of maintaining an independent seat and is achieved by the rider’s sense of balance. When the horse is transitioning down, the rider’s seat needs to gently move down as well. Only the seat moves down, however – the rider’s back stays straight.

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