Donations are needed to save 2 dogs rescued from Fountain Inn puppy mill raid

Donations are needed to save 2 dogs rescued from Fountain Inn puppy mill raid

Two puppies with possible chemical burns need help after puppy mill raid

A lot of people who are following the puppy mill raid last week in Fountain Inn are under the impression most of the dogs are in good condition. This couldn't be further from the truth. Many of these dogs are suffering from open wounds, starved, flea and parasite infested from the inside out. Some are even blind.

Delaney and Roxi are adult female Pomeranians recently seized during last weeks raid. Both of these girls have been badly burned, possibly with chemicals.

Thankfully, Abby's Animal Angels and owner Jennifer Stacy Remata rescued these two seriously injured dogs on June 24. They now need donations to cover their medical care, after which Delaney and Roxi will be placed for adoption through the rescue.

They are both currently at the vet, Roxi is on multiple medications for pain, inflammation and infection. Her prognosis is guarded, but fair. Delaney is on her way to the emergency clinic to be hospitalized overnight. In addition to her severe burn, she has a grade 5 out of 6 heart murmur, which makes it impossible for her to be put under to close up her wound.

She needs multiple medications, IV fluids, and round the clock care right now. Her prognosis is very guarded.

Abby's Animal Angels is named after a sweet shelter rescued lab named Abby, who served for several years as a therapy dog. She was a role model in teaching foster dogs to make wonderful canine companions. Abby went on to receive the AKC Good Citizen training award and her story can be found under "Lady Abigail" in the Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover's Soul series.

Abby's memory is honored by Abby's Animal Angels as they strive to rescue as many dogs and cats as possible from the Greenville area shelters euthanasia lists.

Which is what Abby's Animal Angels will be doing with the puppy mill rescues. Because this is what Jennifer does, so great is her love for these thrown away, abused dogs.

Jennifer is a friend of mine, as we are both committed to Greenville County Animal Care Services. I've watched her save animals everyone else would have given up on. Let's all join together and help her save these two babies.

Please share this article and donate if you can by clicking on this link. Even a few dollars will help, as it all adds up. These dogs deserve the best care possible after the abuse they've suffered from someone who claimed to love them.


UPDATE!! Roxi has been released by the vet and is now in foster with a certified veterinary technician. She will continue IV fluids and Roxi's extensive array of meds. Delaney is currently being cared for by the Animal Emergency Clinic at 393 Woods Lake Road Greenville SC, 864-232-1878. She will be getting a catheter, will be on round the clock IV fluids and IV meds, and will be getting a full blood panel done. Her charges for tonight alone are between $600 and $700, and she will need to be transferred to another vet first thing in the am for continued hospitalization. This girl is so sweet, so tolerant despite being in such severe pain. We want her to know the sensation of true happiness, of being loved and treasured by her owner instead of used and discarded. Please join us in supporting Delaney and Roxi, by donating and by sharing their story. They deserve the best that life can give them from here on out