Dogs still being shot in Rowan, Kentucky

Dogs still being shot in Rowan, Kentucky
STAR continues to raise funds to get Carl the help and special surgical operations he will need to recover from gunshot wounds.

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Rowan, Kentucky - Carl is the latest victim of an evil chain of dog shootings in the last several weeks.On Saturday, during a fundraiser for Save the Animals of Rowan (STAR), Carl stopped by to meet and greet some of the people who have been helping him, and despite the dog's pain managed to wag his tail in pure delight as he was gently petted and hugged.

Dogs still being shot in Rowan, Kentucky
Carl has a broken jaw and shattered radius and ulna in his front leg. His rescue group STAR wants to help him get well.

Several weeks ago, the first dog was found limping on the side of the road. He had been shot in the back leg and paw. The dog, named Bullet had been shot three times with three different weapons. Then came a dog named Carolyn who was also found limping on the side of the road. After a visit to the veterinarian, two bullets were removed - one hitting just above her paw.

And now there's Carl who was found in the Wagoner's Corner area. His injuries are much worse and include a broken jaw, suspicious holes in his neck, and a shattered radius and ulna in his front leg.

Carl is said to have a wonderful disposition, but STAR needs help. According to a volunteer of STAR, the Facebook plea states:

"Was he (Carl) a bait dog that was shot? Was he shot for the fun of it? Was he kicked in the face by someone? We will never know, but we do know that he will have to see an orthopedic specialist to be put back together. This will cost $2500 to $3000 in addition to the initial x-rays, exam and fluids at the local vet. If the money could be raised, he would need a foster home to gently recover in for six to eight weeks. What brought me to tears was when I went to check his status at the vet, he lifted his head up and wagged his tail to say 'Hi, are you here to help me too?' "

"I know it's a long shot, but I'm begging for donations. He is such a love and has been through so much. He is skin and bones from being unable to eat. We don't know how long he laid there, waiting for help. This is the third dog that has come into STAR's possession within a couple weeks from gun shot injuries - none in the same area either."

So far $1360 has been raised for Carl's veterinarian bills. The organization needs all the help they can get after paying for the medical bills of the last two dogs shot, and despite the anticipated expenses of another wounded dog, the organization hasn't hesitated to help this dog.

The volunteers of STAR ask everyone to circulate Carl's story. If you would like further information how to help Carl, please click here.

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