Dogs leave shame behind for fame

Dogs leave shame behind for fame

Heidi F. says, "Not even drooling!"

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People have enjoyed shaming their dogs on the popular website called Dog Shaming, which pictures a dog that has misbehaved with a sign explaining their bad deed. But what if you have a perfect angel and would like to show the world? Well there is a website for that called Dog Faming.

Dogs leave shame behind for fame

Summer doesn't lunge for dropped food (even though she LOVES cookies).

Eileen Anderson the creator of Dog Faming and an amateur dog trainer, according to her blog page; started the website so people could showcase their well-behaved dogs. Much like the Dog Shaming website, the dogs on the Dog Faming site are showcased with signs that explain their good deeds.

Anderson started Dog Faming after Stephanie Coleman of Caninestein Dog Training started a counter-trend and contest to the popular Dog Shaming, on her Facebook page entitled, “No Shaming, More Faming,” Anderson stated on her blog, “The things the dogs do are natural doggie behaviors that we, as the ones with the big brains and the keys to the food cupboards, usually could have prevented if we considered them undesirable.”

“In the spirit of positive reinforcement, take a picture of your dog next to a sign describing something great that they do. Catch your dog doing something right. Show the world.” Anderson concluded on her blog.

The website promotes a dogs positive qualities; not the negative. Dog Faming can even be found on Facebook for convenient posting. If you have a dog that you are proud of, try faming them.

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