Dog's face mangled, but heart still wants love

Dog's face mangled, but heart still wants love

Smiley may have suffered physical trauma, but rescuers are working on rehabilitating her emotional trauma as well.


Dog's face mangled, but heart still wants love

Smiley may have suffered severe physical trauma, but rescuers are working to heal her emotional scars as well.

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Dog's face mangled, but heart still wants love

Smiley may have suffered physical trauma, but rescuers are working on rehabilitating her emotional trauma as well.

Smiley was locked in "pallet" (or a breeding vice) to produce puppies for a dogfighting ring, when a male dog attacked her and ripped off part of her face. While being strapped to the device, she was unable to defend herself and suffered through undoubtedly agonizing pain while the dog continued to mate with her.

You see, Smiley is a victim of a dogfighting ring. She was forced to fight and kill other dogs in order to be fed, in addition to being used for breeding. She was recently found during a Hungarian Counter Terrorism Centre raid on a very large dogfighting ring in Verpelet, Hungary, along with 82 other dogs. Some dogs were chained to barns, some were kept in boxes in the shadows, and others were kept in even more deplorable condition.

Smiley was found in a long row of dogs chained to a brick wall, outside, sleeping on hay in both their own waste and horse manure. Part of her face was torn off, and her wounds were filled with dirt, hay, and fecal matter. Flies and bacteria were starting to eat away at the flesh.

Not surprising, she had given up on the kindness of humans, but Smiley was particularly terrified of men. Because of this, she had to be sedated during her first medical exam while veterinarians clean her wounds and assessed her condition. But the following veterinary visit looked encouraging, though her treatment will not come cheap.

She has regular laser treatments on her (all over) flesh wounds, and they appear to be healing nicely. After the initial sedated exam, veterinarians found that many of her teeth are shattered crossways or lengthwise all the way down to the gums. Damaged ones, especially one of the canines, will have to be removed to preserve the healthy ones.

There is a lack of confidence, unease of strangers, and fear of men that Smiley has to overcome, but she has bonded well with her medical staff, caregivers and volunteers. She has greatly improved, and Smiley has even been on a couple of weekend getaways with rescuers to experience new situations like festivals, fireworks, celebrations, and quiet walks in the country. Rescuers have high, high hopes for her based on the progress they have witnessed in just a short amount of time.

Smiley appears to have embraced her new life and new found freedom with open arms.

She is enjoying her time with people in her circle and loves to lounge on the couch after behavior training sessions. There is a need for donations to not only cover her care, but dozens of other dogs rescued that day by Cerberos Pit Bill Rescue, like the cases of Concrete and Streaky (stories to be published soon). Please see the links below to follow her story and see how you can help.

Smiley and 36 others were taken that day from the property by Cerberos Pit Bull Rescue, and 46 were left behind. 42 were in "not bad enough" condition, so police decided to leave them on the grounds but kept a very close eye on the property. Another 4--Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Caucasian Shepherds--were not involved in the fighting, but rather, were guard dogs. To read more details about the raid, including footage from the scene, click here.


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Most importantly, to donate toward Smiley's care, along with the dozens of other dogs Cerberos took in from the massive dogfighting raid, you may donate anywhere in the world via Paypal to [email protected]

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The author, April Plemons, is an animal rescuer and welfare advocate. She is part of Long Way Home Animal Sanctuary & Pit Bull Rescue. Check out their Facebook page below!

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