Dogs diminish stress

Dogs diminish stress
Our dog helps to de-stress me and the boys after a long day of work and school!

Ever walk in from a hard day at work and the first to greet you is your beloved canine that can somehow just sense that you could use a good nuzzle or perhaps a walk to de-stress yourself? The past couple of years, before writing on more of a full-time basis, it was always refreshing to have my Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Quantum Leap (Q) awaiting me, tail wagging, after a long day.

Did you realize that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BoLS), more American workers quit their jobs in March than were laid off? The reported unemployment statistic was 8.2% according to BoLS, however, private economists claim the statistic to be even higher!

According to, this could possibly be due to signs of an improving economy although some economists believe that these people may just be growing frustrated with their current jobs. Menial jobs or fill-in jobs tend to sometimes create more stress after they have helped those whose unemployment had run out and a job of their standards was not available to them.

So what happens next? If these workers do not have replacement jobs and cannot draw unemployment because they have quit their current positions, their stress levels will tend to rise accordingly. The question remains then, how can the dog help to temper the mood of these current unemployed workers or the people still working that do not necessarily enjoy their current positions? And what will one do if they do not own a dog?

The answer to that question, in terms of the canine companion would be that you could not only save yourself during this time of stress, but you could also save a dog who is seeking its ‘furever’ home. Once you have your new companion, your life will be provided with excellent social support, health benefits as well as that stress reliever you are looking for.

Have you ever gone into an organization that provides the public with pet rescues, looked into the eyes of a cute dog or puppy, and been able to resist the love that abounds there? That love can be yours forever – it is possible that you could never have a bad day again because of the love presented in those eyes!

Depression tends to be reduced. Canines have proved to be great mood enhancers! Have you ever taken your dog for a walk in a public area and not had someone speak to you, wave to you or even stop to talk about the dog?

The social, more approachable, aspect of owning a dog will help with the networking aspect of getting a future position. Getting out and about can provide dog owners with reasons to stop and talk to others that are out and about and seeking the same opportunities that you are.

While you are at home surfing the internet for new jobs, you will no longer be alone. Your pet will be happy to be there and sit with you, offering companionship and love. Where there is the possibility of uncomfortable silence, this aspect can be fixed by your dog’s presence. Dogs are awesome listeners, they keep the secrets that you share with them and make excellent snugglers!

A dog can stave off the loneliness some people feel when they are sad about being unemployed. Dogs tend to be the best antidote for loneliness and social isolation! Pets even tend to lower blood pressure (which could possibly rise due to stress) thus providing you a cheaper alternative than drug therapy.

People that are not pet lovers may counter every one of these beautiful points, saying that dogs will add stress to your life since they pose more responsibility in addition to adding more cost. When a dog gets excited, depending on the type of dog you get, it could possibly bark or run around, utilizing its herding instincts and this tends to drive some people crazy. For animal lovers, these are all things that just come in stride, not bothering them in the least.

All of these benefits tend to outweigh any potential drawbacks that could be brought to your attention by non-believers. There have even been occasions when the non-believers became believers due to data and stats and rushed out to get a new canine companion.