Doggie Needs a Spa Day: Growing Trend in Los Angeles 2010

Doggie Needs a Spa Day: Growing Trend in Los Angeles 2010

Doggie Needs a Spa Day: Growing Trend in Los Angeles 2010

Spa Me

Becky Starr

Less Stress is Best

Pampering our furry children is simply a way of life here in Hollywood Land.

Doggie Day Spas can be a perfect way to let Fido or Fe-Fe get a day away.

Busy schedules and stress filled days for us “humans” does in fact trickle down and affect our animals.
You must consider their needs for a “Stress less” environment now and then.

This is not about dropping your pet off at a local grooming salon for the day.

Grooming Salons for the most part are not focused on creating a “Zen” like experience for your furry baby. In fact just the opposite. Cages are lined up against the walls, one on top of another, noise filled rooms with the sounds of barking and blowers, decoration is out of the question and consideration for a room with a view does not exist.
Relaxation is not found in this type of environment.

There is an old saying that comes to mind. “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” but in this case in choosing a location that you are dropping off your animal/s for the day, it does not apply.
In this case definitely "Judge the Book by its Cover".

A Real Doggie Day Spa should have some or all of the options as described below
• Squeaky Clean
• Decorated in Good Doggie Taste
• Meditational Style Music subtle to the ear
• A Hint of a Lovely Aroma in the air
• Colorful Play Pens
• Open Play Rooms
• Menu of Healthy Food Choices
• Only Natural Grooming Products
• Massage
• Facials
• Pawdicures
• Fluff Drying
• Soft Clean Beds for them to rest their heads if they choose
• Experienced Staff and enough of them to watch over the crowd
• A Loving Relaxed Environment

A big clue: If the staff members pay more attention to you than your pet when you walk in the door, than this may not be the place for you.
Making the right choices for your pet can make it a wonderful experience, one that they will want to go to again.
Give the Gift of a Stress Free Day

Here are just a few in the Los Angeles area for your enjoyment.

Chateau Marmutt:
Aromatherapy grooming
Los Angeles Complete Holistic Day Care
Spa Dog:
Luxurious Mobile Spa comes to you
The Kennel Club:
Personal bathers, manicurists and masseuses are ready to treat your pet
The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa:
Resort style amenities
The Pet Spa:
The Lapdog of Luxury

Remember life is full of options; it is up to you to seek out these options and make educated, confident decisions

Your pet counts on it.

Hug Your

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