Do you let your horse dictate your space?

Do you let your horse dictate your space?
Here Flash is standing a respectful distance away from his handler.

Do you step away when your horse moves into your space?
If so, you are allowing him to push you around. Here’s why this is wrong. Equine behavior and herd hierarchy (applied to us humans as well) dictates that when a horse moves another horse away the horse that moved away accepts the subordinate position. What this means in human terms is when your horse moves you away, your horse is now the leader not you. This can happen with a horse of any age, but as the horse ages and this behavior is not corrected, the more pushy and unsafe the horse will become with any human handler.

Here’s how to fix the problem.
When your horse steps into your space, DO NOT move away. Become firm, stand your ground and ask him to move away from you. You can accomplish this by asking him to move to the side, or out on a circle, or even backing up. Establish a respectful space between the two of you and maintain that space. Your horse must be invited into your space, and you need to ask permission to go into his space. Respect is a two way street, so do not forget to respect your horse the same way you ask him to respect you!

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