Discover Your Pet's Paranormal Abilities Panel Discussion

Discover Your Pet's Paranormal Abilities Panel Discussion
Your dog may have secret powers that you are not aware of. Join this panel discussion to find out!

Does your dog know when you are sad and sit on your heart in your moments of darkness? Does your cat know to give you space when you come home grumpy after a long day's work? Do they both seem to stare into space looking at things you can't see?

As the much anticipated year 2012 approaches, we may become more aware of our spiritual connection with the pets in our lives. Those curious to delve into this territory may want to join three paranormal experts in their panel discussion about our pets' paranormal abilities. The panel will be held on Wednesday, January 11 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM at the Edgar Cayce Center. The panelists include Olga Horvat, MA, Bestselling Author of Paranormal Pooch, Diana Navarro (MS, Radio Host "Working Things Out with Intuition") and Reiki Master Meryl Vandana.

The panel is only $20 and as a bonus all guests will receive a copy of the book "Paranormal Pooch".

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For the more spiritually adventurous: on January 7, author Olga Horvat will be discussing "Paranormal Pooch" at TRS along with Jonathan Talat Phillips, author of "Electric Jesus", which explores how early Christians used energy for healing and how Jesus was the ultimate Reiki Master. More info at: