Discarded puppy found in trash can

Discarded puppy found in trash can

Bella explores new territory at C.A.R.E.’s pet fest.

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The puppy was crying, but not emitting the usual whimpering or the weak howling of a young dog. The noise quickly caught the attention of Diane Rendon who was strolling alongside a restaurant. She looked around.

“I thought it was a baby,” Rendon said.

All she saw was a trash can. She opened the lid and found a puppy she could easily balance on one hand. Later at the vet’s office, she learned that her new dog, she had named Bella, weighed 1 pound. Today, Bella is a fit and happy 10-pound two-year-old pup, who has turned out to be a Jack Russell and rat terrier mix.

Rendon said, “When we found her, we took care of her like a baby. She was healthy, though.”

Rendon didn’t stop with merely caring for Bella. Deciding it would enliven and amuse her dog to have company and a buddy, Rendon started to look for another dog to adopt and ran across Memphis, a dachshund, on craigslist. Half a year younger than his sister and about the same size, Memphis has become the perfect playmate for Bella.

Even though Bella has taken on the role of the boss in the family, she gets along fine with her brother with whom she shares common hobbies. They both love to take walks, play ball, chew on their chewy toy but shun all other toys and watch the comics on TV. While Memphis is an avid swimmer, Bella likes to watch him dip into the pool but to stay dry herself. Both cherish the outings to the dog park with their mom, three times a week.

Last Saturday, Bella and Memphis dragged their parents out to C.A.R.E.’s Ruskin PetFest. It was their first visit to Ott’s Off-Leash Dog Sanctuary in Ruskin, Fla., and they all had a good time. Bella and Memphis mingled among their fellow dogs, played with them and, despite competing with them to fetch the most treats, quickly formed new friendships.

Rendon said, “I used to have cats. I ended up with dogs because of Bella.”

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