Crazy, interesting cat facts

Crazy, interesting cat facts
Fun to read and discover.

Kitty cats are certainly interesting little creatures. There is always more to discover about felines – even after years of ownership.

Have you ever seen cats run? Domestic cats can actually run about 31 miles per hour. Not only do cats go back to their roots with running, but some cats can jump high into the air and snatch birds and other animals straight out of trees. Watching a domestic cat hunt is really intriguing.

Something really enthralling is that a mother cat can give birth to a litter and every kitten can have a different father. Mother kitties can really get around!

Many cat owners will purchase catnip for their cats to enjoy only realizing that the cat gets up and walks away from the herbed toy or little bag. Something many people do not know is that if a cat is not born with a catnip gene that catnip may as well be grass to them. Also know that kittens have to grow into their gene so catnip may or may not affect them.

Cats are carnivores – no two ways about it! If you do not eat meat, make sure you can handle feeding meat to your feline. If you cannot deal with meat, do not get a cat because without meat your cat will die!

A cat’s body is really unique device:

· Cat toes are the reason that cats are so graceful. The simple jump to the side in ballet is named after the cat step and its term is called pas de chat.

· Cat collarbones are not connected to any of their other bones but buried within the cat’s muscles making cats adaptable to small spaces. The fact is that cats have more bones in their bodies than humans do.

· Cat faces are really unique:

o Cats have 32 muscles that control just their outer ear and can rotate each ear 180 degrees; giving cats the capability of rotating their ears 10 times faster than canines.

o Cat jaws only have the capability to move up and down, not side to side.

o A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive helping the cat get around in the dark. Their whiskers divulge a cat’s emotions; each set moves independently.

o Scent glands are located in a cat’s cheeks thus when your cat rubs against you, he or she is ‘marking’ you. Cats mark everything in this same way.

Cats are truly incredible living creatures. You may discover even more as you watch your own feline. As one website designated, Ernest Hemingway had this to say about cats, “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” Watch them and see.