Coyote with head stuck in jar continues to elude capture

Coyote with head stuck in jar continues to elude capture
Young coyote pup continues to elude animal control officers.

Rainier Beach, Washington - On Friday an elusive coyote pup still managed to avoid capture by two animal control officers for the Seattle Animal Shelter. Authorities are worried that the animal, unable to eat or drink may be in danger of starvation and dehydration.

On July 17, Patty Porcaro who lives on South 51st Street near Kubota Gardens, spotted the three to four-month-old coyote with what she describes as "a big mayonnaise jar from Costco" over the animal's head. Porcaro has been observing the pack of coyotes basking in the sun and howling at the firetrucks.

The animal control officers, using a pole and net tried to capture the animal, but despite not eating or drinking, the coyote's energy level still enabled him to run away into the woods. At this time authorities do not want to take a chance tranquilizing the animal in fear of him being without food or water for such a prolonged period of time.

The State Department of Fish and Wildlife have been notified.

Source:Seattle Times

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