Common foods that are toxic to felines part 1

Common foods that are toxic to felines part 1
Milly, a 13-week-old kitten waits with her brother Charlie (L) to be re-homed at The Society for Abandoned Animals Sanctuary in Sale, Manchester which is facing an urgent cash crisis and possible closure on July 27, 2010 in Manchester, England. The Societ

Giving your cat human food may not always be such a good idea. Some may believe that anything edible and harmless to a human must be edible and harmless to a cat. However, there are many human foods that may in fact be toxic and can go as far as to lead to death. So before you decide to give your feline a piece of your meal, make sure that you familiarize yourself with foods that are toxic to your cat.

Feeding liver to your feline in small moderation is acceptable. However, consistent amounts of liver can lead to harm causing vitamin A toxicity to arise as mentioned by WebMD. The condition mainly affects the bones causing deformities and growths especially around the spine. Osteoporosis may also arise and in some cases death.

As stated by Cat World, apricot, cherry and even apple seeds are just a few of the many items that may lead your cat to illness and even death. Cyanide poisoning may occur due to consumption of the items mentioned. This blocks the ability to release oxygen from blood to surrounding tissues causing your feline to suffocate.

It is okay to provide your kittens with milk. Milk should not longer be given to your cat as adults especially after that they have been weaned off as kittens. Most adult cats become intolerant to dairy products causing digestive upset

If you suspect that your cat has consumed a toxic item, make sure to contact your local veterinary hospital at Kissimmee, Fla. Check out to obtain a listing of hospitals near your residency.