Collision injures driver and kills horse

Collision injures driver and kills horse

Car strikes horse head-on. Driver injured. Horse killed

In a one-car collision with a runaway horse, a 52-year-old Wisconsin woman suffered injuries serious enough to hospitalize her. The car versus horse accident occurred on Saturday night, September 7, 2013.

According to an investigator of the Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department, Sara Husmone of Blair, Wisconsin, was driving on Highway 95 from Blair, headed west. The horse had broken free of its tie and bolted away, running east on the same highway. The vehicle driven by Husmone struck the horse head-on, killing it upon impact.

It was fortunate that more people did not become involved in the wreck at the time. Exactly what transpired with the horse prior to the accident is not entirely clear. All that is know at this writing is that the horse was tied to a leadrope and managed to break free.

Husmone was rushed to the Whitehall hospital. The horse was killed at the time of the crash and Husmone’s vehicle was damaged extensively.

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