Coalition to Unchain Dogs needs your votes to win $5,000

Coalition to Unchain Dogs needs your votes to win $5,000

Learn some simple games that you can play with your dog outside to make sure they get enough exercise and have fun.

Using this link will bring readers to the Facebook page for Coalition to Unchain Dogs where more details can be viewed about the votes needed by December 22, 2013 for the non-profit group to win $5,000.

Coalition to Unchain Dogs needs your votes to win $5,000

Text tree40 to 46988 to help Coalition to Unchain Dogs win 5K!

Coalition to Unchain Dogs

The details announcing the need for votes included the following information:

Text tree40 to 46988.
Our Tree! Please remember to vote for our tree today (and share)! We need your help to win $5000. Thank you. We appreciate your support.

Is it that simple to help this worthy group win $5,000? Yes! Shared details show that supporters can vote for one of 85 trees that are on display in the Triangle Tree Challenge. If texting tree40 to 46988 casts a vote to help Coalition to Unchain dogs win $5,000 that can we help more dogs, why wouldn't followers did this?

Readers who are not familiar with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs may not realize how many groups are actively working to change the lives of dogs that might otherwise spend all of their life on a chain.

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