City Shelter Surpasses No-Kill Benchmark

City Shelter Surpasses No-Kill Benchmark

While reviewing Austin Animal Center's website I came across a lengthy article written by Patricia Fraga, Communications and Public Information. I'm excited to showcase a portion of this article focusing on Austin's pet lovers who are making a significant contribution in becoming a No-Kill city.

"Austin maintains No-Kill City status at 6 month mark.

The Town Lake Animal Center surpassed the no-kill goal of 90 percent in June, matching its best-ever live outcome of 91 percent and staying on track for being the largest municipal animal shelter in the country earning No-Kill City status.

The live outcome rate was achieved during one of the busiest times for animals to be dropped off at the shelter. At the six month mark the center’s year-to-date live animal outcome rate is 90 percent.

“This is truly an accomplishment and it shows that the hard work of the staff, partners and volunteers is paying off,” said Abigail Smith, Chief Animal Services Officer. “Despite the busy season and an influx of kittens and cats, we were able to overcome some serious challenges and continue to lead the nation’s largest cities in live outcomes.

“It’s a testament to Austin’s commitment to the no-kill goal, and an example of what success looks like when the whole community comes together,” Smith said. “We are very grateful that Austin cares about its animals. This is no-kill in action.”

The Animal Center continues to work on the Austin City Council-approved 34-point No-Kill Implementation Plan which focuses on programs, services and partnerships to reduce animal intake and increase live animal outcomes.

Also, the foster care network continues to grow with more than 900 pets being sheltered by volunteers in the month of June. Generally, the program has approximately 100 foster families actively caring for animals in need. The volunteer program takes vulnerable and at risk pets out of the shelter environment allowing kennel space for other animals that end up at the shelter.

Officials say continued public awareness campaigns to promote animal services and programs are proving to be very effective in helping reach the no-kill goal.

The City of Austin will open a new Austin Animal Center in November 2011. The center will be on the Betty Dunkerley Campus just west of U.S. 183 at 7201 Levander Loop, about five miles from the current site.

Town Lake Animal Center, 1156 W. Cesar Chavez is open from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. For more information, visit or call 3-1-1."

I honored to be a resident in the greatest pet friendly city in Texas. Go Austin.