City passes anti-tethering law

City passes anti-tethering law
Illegal to tether dogs in Carrboro

Carrboro, NC - Some days it seems that there is little to share in the way of good news when it come to dogs - but one town in North Carolina has provided a definite breath of fresh air in that department.

On Tuesday, the Board of Aldermen unanimously passed an anti-tethering be effective immediately.

According to the town's animal control, this ruling will impact 40-50 dogs who are currently tethered within city limits.

The new ordinance also impacts enclosures for dogs within the city. Dogs which weigh under 20 lbs must be allotted a minimum of 100 square feet, and dogs over 20 lbs are to be allowed a minimum of 200 square feet.

From here on out, the only dogs who can be tethered are those who are in the supervised presence of their owners.

Hats off to these board members for their awareness of the many negatives associated with tethering dogs.

The new ordinance will empower the local animal control officers who receive reports of dogs suffering on the end of a chain.

With the new city rules, tragic instances such as the Akita mix who was euthanized after biting a 6 yr-old child, can be avoided - ideally - eliminated altogether.

Way to go Carrboro!


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Note: The dog featured in the photo which accompanies this story is available for adoption. Lizzy is available through the Ruff Love Foster Care Dog Rescue in North Carolina. To read Lizzy's Petfinder profile, click here.

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