Choosing a good name for your cat

Choosing a good name for your cat

Take the confusion out of naming your kitty with these tips for finding the perfect feline handle.

So you've decided to get a new cat for your house, but you're having trouble deciding on a name for him or her. has compiled a list of trendy names for both male and female cats. If you're into Norse mythology (or The Avengers), the name Loki comes in at number 4 for male cats, while Luna, meaning "moon," in Latin, is number six for females.

Choosing a good name for your cat
Choosing a good name for your cat can be difficult. This cat can be cuddly and loving, or just a little brat. For that reason, she was named Kali, after the Indian goddess with similar personality traits.Patrick Mitchell

Lola is Vetstreet's top trendy name for females, and Dexter is number one for males. If you like the eras of the '20s and '30s, a name like Louie, for a male, or Stella, for a female, may suit both your style and your cat. Stella is number two on the list and Louie is number three.

The full list can be seen here, but what if you don't want a currently popular name, but do want to be creative? Trends show that the genderless names based on a cat's characteristics, such as Fluffy, Spot, Smudge, Shadow, Midnight, etc., are losing popularity because of our increasing emotional connections to our pets; we want their names to mean something.

Cat names that are more unique can involve certain behaviors, such as a cat that was named Gelato by its owners because it liked to eat ice cream. A former stray could be named Al E. Cat, which is listed on the website If that name's too masculine and you have a female cat, you could modify it to Ali Cat.

Feather Tail may be a good name for a female cat that has an especially fluffy tail, perhaps for a Persian, Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon, and is far more unique, and even graceful, than Fluffy.

You could name a pair Bourbon and Absinthe, particularly if you've noticed a love-hate relationship between them. If they make a great pair that seems to be the mischievous type, you could name them Frick and Frack.

If you like mythology and the name Loki is just too common for you, Erebus was a god of darkness. For a female cat, you might consider naming her Nyx, a goddess of night, instead of the more common Midnight, Shadow, etc. In fact, Erebus and Nyx would work for a pair of black cats, as Nyx was Erebus' consort. Another good mythological pair would be Ariadne and Dionysus, although both names certainly stand alone. Ariadne was Dionysus' wife in Greek mythology, but was a princess abandoned in Naxos by Theseus, and rescued by Dionysus.

Rama, in Indian mythology, was an incarnation of Vishnu, and a "hero god." Vishnu himself rules over peace, power, strength, and more, and might suit a strong but peaceful male cat. For a female cat, particularly a pleasant, mellow cat, Chandra may be a good fit. She rules over pleasant forgetfulness, among other things.

The Internet has many resources for naming cats. You can Google "names," "cat names," "pet names," "mythology," "pop culture names;" any of these search terms will bring up a lot of results if you're having trouble finding one on your own. The bottom line is, you want to choose a name that both fits your cat and fits you and your relationship with it, which is probably why people have trouble thinking of a good name.