Cats provide love and affection to the elderly

Cats provide love and affection to the elderly

My cat Tiger would be perfect in a nursing home setting.

Ordinarily we hear about canines being a supporting factor in the lives of the elderly. Cats are now being credited with the same and so are children.

The Associated Press announced a couple of days ago that cats literally own the United Living Center nursing home in Brookings, South Dakota. Although dogs are also present as well as children in day care, the cats seem to have the rule of the roost.

More than a half of a dozen cats felines reside in the facility. South Dakota state embraces the fact the felines, canines and young children seem to enhance the lives of the elders residing in nursing homes. It is widely recognized from the medical profession to commoners that animals, especially dogs, have been known to be a great influence on health – especially with the elderly.

The fact that South Dakota realizes that felines are loved amongst the senior crowd will help to put cats in the limelight. Children can make a huge difference since people cannot help but feel loved and needed in the wake of a child – not to mention 120 children that continuously visit with the seniors.

All of the studies and experimentation is paying off for the seniors in that state. According to the article, Sally Damm, Administrator of the United Living Center weighed in by stating, "There are 17,000 nursing homes in the U.S., and less than 100 facilities that have a child-care center attached. Add the dogs and cats and birds living in the nursing home, and you're down to about 50, to the best of my knowledge. It's not something I can Google and prove to you, but we are pretty rare."

This facility is so innovative that they have recently upgraded with a $6.1 million remodel and new construction to house everyone. The introduction of pets is just like the people being in their own home and they are a budget-friendly way for seniors in nursing homes to feel loved and cared for.

Some of the other South Dakota facilities have different animals, even the barnyard variety which is endearing to some of the seniors and reminds them of home. The cats though at United Living make certain that the seniors housed within those walls know that they are never without love for long. They sit on the residents’ laps, let themselves be petted and the dog gives multiple kisses.

Utilizing felines, canines and children is the best medicine that could ever be hoped for; the residents in this facility agree!