Cats in the Olympics

Cats in the Olympics
Let's hope this rain lets up so we can get back to rowing!

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The Olympics are all over the airwaves, and why not? Watching people defy gravity, walk on water, and hurdle through the impossible is a great way for me to feel the burn of physical exhaustion without actually having to get off the couch.

Cats in the Olympics
I just want to make my mama proud!Wikipedia/Morguefile

Our cats are enjoying the games also, doing that cackling sound whenever anyone does anything on TV that resembles a bird. Vaulters beware…My cats are on to you, and if you find them attacking you from my side of the screen, consider yourselves warned.

When our cats were younger, they all expressed interest in being Olympic contenders. They used to leap 3 feet into the air to catch a feather. They would leap from the couch in pure abandon just like the long-jumpers. Occasionally they would do the butterfly when a moth got in the house, although it was an altered form of the stroke. I never saw any of them doing the breaststroke, unless they were lying on my stomach trying to nurse on one of my sweaters.

The agility of cats never ceases to amaze me. I’ve enclosed a few photos of some true athletic cats, coupled with their respective Olympic sports.

Perhaps we should petition to get our feline friends into the games for 2016?