Catnip for your Chihuahua - how safe is it?

Catnip for your Chihuahua - how safe is it?
Our Chihuahuas love toys of all shapes and sizes to ease their curiosity

I have 3 adorable Chihuahuas and the latest one is a little boy who loves his toys. When we first got him, I got a tiny cat toy that rattles, without any catnip. He loves it so much that I tried to find a replacement per chance it ever gets damaged or lost. I can’t find anything like it anywhere! All the cat toys have catnip. So I have wondered, would catnip be dangerous for my little guy? Here is what I found out . . . and you might be surprised!

It appears that catnip has a tranquilizing effect on dogs and is effective for the treatment of sleeplessness, nervousness and anxiety. If your dog has a phobia when going to the vet or the groomer, or in taking one of those car rides . . . whatever the fear, try putting a few fresh leaves in the drinking water or sprinkle some of the dried leaves on top of your dogs’ food. Of course, I would call your vet first just to confirm the use of catnip for your dog but it has been established that catnip is safe for dogs as well as cats. Catnip has also been established useful in the treatment of flatulence . . . and we all know how powerful that can be!

For prolonged period of stress, use a glycerine-based tincture - use 12 drops/8 oz. of water as a start

The herb is also effective in treating early symptoms of colds, the flu, and other feverish conditions, especially bronchitis due to its sweat inducing property. Externally, catnip can also be used as an antiseptic for sores and wounds.

The plants or seeds of catnip are available at nurseries everywhere. The leaves, stems and flowers of the herb can be used fresh or dried. It sounds like this is a good and beneficial herb to keep in your home for the use of your pets.

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