Cat Survives Highway Ride Under Car Hood

A Washington resident driving 60 mph down a local highway got quite the surprise yesterday when she heard yowling coming from the hood of her car.

The driver, Emily Bragg, pulled over, popped her hood and realized that two eyes were staring back at her, according to NBC affiliate King-TV in Seattle.

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  • Cat Survives Highway Ride Under Car Hood


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"The reason there's a backup on 167s before the 212th exit is me. There's a cat stuck in my car ...," Bragg tweeted while on the side of the road.

But even after calling AAA and having two Washington State Patrol troopers arrive on the scene, no one was able to move the cat out from Bragg's vehicle.

Dubbing the cat "Diesel," Bragg live-tweeted the rescue efforts of the troopers, who called for backup to assist them. When a tow truck arrived on the scene, the group was finally able to remove Diesel from the car.

"He looks a little beat up, but otherwise OK," Bragg tweeted about the tenacious feline.

The mystery of how Diesel ended up in the hood of the car was soon solved when Bragg realized it was her roommate's cat, Padfoot. After surviving the ordeal of a highway ride, the feline was soon reunited with his owner.

"He is alive, well and washed. Thank you for all of your concern with #OperationCatRescue," Bragg tweeted.

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Cat Survives Highway Ride Under Car Hood