Cat abuser and killer pleads guilty; could face three years in prison

Cat abuser and killer pleads guilty; could face three years in prison
Ethan Weibman pleads guilty to animal abuse.

This past Spring, Facebook was plastered with the picture and story of Ethan Weibman who was believed to have abused and killed the cats he adopted from SPCA and Petsmart. The warning went out to notify all shelters not to adopt to him or his girlfriend. Even a Facebook page was started to draw attention to him.

Weibman, 20, who moved from Baltimore back to his hometown in Westchester County, New York, plead guilty today to two counts of animal mutilation and another related charge. He admitted to abuse in the death of one cat and the beating of another.

In March, Weibman adopted a cat from the Maryland SPCA and two days later, he and his girlfriend returned the dead cat to the shelter and said they didn't know how it died, but wanted to adopt another.

The SPCA did not allow him to adopt until they found out how the cat had died.

But on April 5th, he adopted another short-haired cat from Petsmart. But he and his girlfriend later brought this cat to a veterinary center, where it was determined the cat was suffering injuries caused by blunt-force trauma. The cat's teeth were broken, her face was swollen, and she had hemorrhaging around the eye.

The police and animal control were called. According to court documents, Weibman is a suspect in the deaths of five more cats.

Ronald Kurland, Weibman's attorney, stated that he is seeing a psychiatrist three times a week in Mount Kisco, New York.

District Court Judge Charles A. Chiapparelli ordered him to avoid any contact with animals. Since he is living with his parents, they will have to give up their family dog or he will not be allowed to live with them.

February 1, 2012 is the tentative date for his sentencing, where he could face three years in prison.

Here is the link to the petition demanding the maximum sentence for Weibman.

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