Car collision injures one but kills horse

Car collision injures one but kills horse

Car collision injures one but kills horse

An accident that occurred only a week ago in Burleson, Texas, injured one of the drivers seriously and killed a horse. According to reports about the car versus horse accident, there were horses in the roadway, it was dark and one of the drivers was unable to avoid striking one of the horses. Two additional cars were involved when the drivers attempted to miss the initial accident.

Because of the damaged vehicles and the horses, including the animal that was down in the roadway, the street had to be closed for a while in order for the authorities to investigate the scene and the crash.

A report that there were horses in the road on Wilshire Boulevard, Burleson, Texas, reached officers at 9:30 p.m. Before much time had passed, another call came in about a major accident. This gave the specific location of 2200 SW Wilshire Boulevard.

When officers arrived at the scene, they immediately saw three vehicles involved in the accident and the deceased horse in the road,

Burleson police commander Cindy Aaron said, "One horse was down on the roadway. The owner of the horse showed up and told the officers that the other horses were in a nearby pasture."

Police reconstructed the timeline of the accident this way – A Nissan was on Wilshire Boulevard when the driver saw a horse in the road and was unable to miss it. In a matter of a few minutes, a Chevy Tahoe attempted to swerve the dead horse in the road and ended up hitting an approaching Mercedes.

The Nissan driver sustained serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital. No reports of health status of this driver have been released. There were no injuries to the other drivers. No passengers were involved. The horse died on impact.

Aaron said, "The horse was black and there's no lighting in that area. The driver didn't see it in time."

The other horses were quickly rounded up, and penned in a nearby field. No other horses were injured.

Source: Star Telegram

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