Captain Cook, did he make it out alive?

Captain Cook, did he make it out alive?
Safe! This boy should be featured on a calendar!

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San Bernardino, CA - If you read yesterday's story about the young dog named Captain Cook, you likely shared it with only slight hope that your efforts would make a difference.

Captain Cook, did he make it out alive?
Captain Cook

Captain Cook's prospects for a future seemed decidedly grim.

He had been deemed "rescue only" for "potential" aggressive behavior. He had been labeled a Pit bull, even though he looked more like a Border Collie.

He was down to mere hours to be spoken for.

I am happy to report that Captain Cook left the animal control facility yesterday at 5 pm.

I am also pleased to report that Captain Cook is far from aggressive - in fact, he seems much like any other one year old puppy - friendly.

Please click here to see the video taken of him shortly after he left the facility - that hesitant smile is a full blown grin in the video.

Captain Cook was saved by HR Rescue Ranch in Palmdale, CA.

Initially, there was an adopter lined up to take this pup in, but as of Monday afternoon, those plans seem to have unravelled. Anyone interested in offering this gorgeous boy a home should email [email protected] for information.

The ending of Captain Cook's story is happy - but there are some definite downers up to this point.

The Devore animal shelter labeled him aggressive. The shelter hindered his chances to leave alive by tagging him as "rescue only". The shelter further hurt his chances for leaving alive by labeling him a Pit bull mix.

The final straw - the advocate who phoned to plead for his life on Sunday was told that the dog was "sick, with green discharge coming from his nose".

Captain Cook was not sick.

One has to wonder - why does the "shelter" work so hard to kill off a perfectly adoptable, wonderful dog (who in actuality is still just a puppy)?

Why not work as hard to save his young life?

If you were among the hundreds who shared this puppy's story yesterday, please take a moment now to share again - please let everyone know that this dog is safe.

Thank you!

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