Buster is found tied up at the Bristol bus stop

Buster is found tied up at the Bristol bus stop

Buster, abandoned Shetland pony, is being rehabilitated at HorseWorld and is getting closer to adoption

It was a normal day on Monday Oct. 28 with people going about their private business on a busy street. The pretty little Shetland pony was tied up near the center of Bristol at the bus stop. Some did not give him more than a second look but others soon enough figured all was not right – But his story is all about now, Nov. 14, since HorseWorld has just released his story.

The pony, now called Buster, was brought to the British charity, HorseWorld. Back on that fateful day for the small stallion, he was dubbed “Buster” in honor of his Bristol public transport experience.

HorseWorld’s equine husbandry manager, Joanne Vaughan, said,

When we arrived, the 34-inch grey pony was being tormented by children. We untied him, loaded him up and brought him back to our welfare department. The vet has estimated him to be about 21 years old, so he’s no spring chicken and most of his front teeth are missing.

She found him to be in good weight and condition but, of course, his vaccination record and other conditioning is unknown. He has been at HorseWorld long enough to have received his vet checks, vaccinations and is in a program of health rehabilitation. He has also been gelded.

Buster’s future is bright. He will stay under Horse World’s care until his rehabilitation is complete. At that time, HorseWorld will hopefully find him a loving home where he can be loved and live out his life in green pastures.

Buster is such a handsome fellow that people will clamor to have him. He can become a delightful companion for a youngster and he’ll even be a marvelous companion animal or mascot. Consider this little guy with serious mind to adopting him soon.

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