Burned puppy in Texas suffers potential setback

Burned puppy in Texas suffers potential setback
Justice, sedated

Pleasant Grove

The 4-month-old puppy who was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire is currently enroute to Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital.

The puppy, known as "Justice", has been in the care of the DFW Rescue Me organization since his discovery by Dallas Police earlier this month.

The puppy's prognosis for recovery has been guarded, but yesterday, as veterinarians worked to clean away dead tissue, they discovered that the wounds in his stomach area are much worse than initially believed.

Due to the severity of his wounds, the decision was made to transfer him to a more specialized clinic for treatment.

The photo taken of Justice yesterday is indication of how horrific his wounds are. Skin is peeling away from most every portion of his young body.

DFW Rescue Me made the following statement about Justice's condition,

He is on pain medication and is sedated during treatments. As a group, we at DFW Rescue Me along with his vets are very sensitive to the amount of pain he is in and his tolerance of the treatments. If at any time the most humane option is to release him from this world, we will do it.

Thousands of well-wishers are pulling for this horribly abused puppy and the rescue organization is doing their utmost to keep everyone apprised of the latest status on their Facebook page.

Police are encouraging anyone with information regarding Justice or those responsible for torturing him to call 911.

Read the prior story on this animal cruelty case at this link.

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