Brutus and Jasmine: Casualties of war

Brutus and Jasmine: Casualties of war
Jasmine, part of a duo available for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter.

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Brutus and Jasmine: Casualties of war
Brutus, part of a duo up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter.

Scituate, MA – Meet Brutus and Jasmine, 2-year-old, white Boxers, who ended up at the Scituate Animal Shelter when their previous owner, a Marine, was called to duty overseas. Now without a home of their own or a family to love, Brutus and Jasmine have been waiting since June for their forever home.

Described as “two crazy goofballs” by Treasa Downey of the Scituate Animal Shelter, Brutus and Jasmine love each other like true siblings. The shelter does not wish to split them up and would love to place them together. Brutus and Jasmine are neutered and spayed, housetrained and up-to-date on all shots. These gorgeous pups are full of love, very affectionate and play well with one another.

“Usually one or the other will end up covered in drool from playing so hard,” said Downey, “and once they get to know you, they will even try to climb in your lap for attention.”

How can you not want a pair like that?

Ideally their new home will have a large, fenced-in yard so they can run like the wind and have plenty of room to play together. These two “crazy pups” have oodles of energy and will need lots of exercise. Brutus and Jasmine are a little weary of strangers and new things, so the shelter recommends they go to a home without children or cats.

Won't you open your heart and home to two loveable sweethearts? Brutus and Jasmine have enough personality to fill your home with joy and laughter for years to come. Give them a permanent, loving and caring home where they can grow old together and guaranteed you will receive mountains of love in return. Chances are, you will be thanked with big, slobbery kisses, too.

The Scituate Animal Shelter, located in Scituate, MA, is a no-kill, non-profit organization. They believe in meaningful outreach programs in order to have a positive impact on the pet population. They provide adoption and rescue services while networking with overcrowded shelters, trying to move at-risk animals into their shelter so that they may have a second chance at life. In a time when millions of animals are euthanized for space, the Scituate Animal Shelter's motto is “the lucky ones come to us.”

Remember, for every one animal you adopt, you save two, because it gives the shelter a chance to save another. In the case of Brutus and Jasmine, ultimately you will save four.

If you are interested in adopting Brutus and Jasmine or wish to donate, please visit the Scituate Animal Shelter or call 781-544-4533.

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