Breed specific rescues at Woofstock SWLA 2012: Adopt, don't shop!

Breed specific rescues at Woofstock SWLA 2012: Adopt, don't shop!

Boxers at Woofstock 2012

One thing that many people don't realize is that they can adopt a pure-bred dog from a shelter or rescue group at any time. Statistics show that at least 1/3 of shelter/rescue dogs are pure-breds that will be put to sleep if not adopted. Woofstock SWLA had 2 "breed-specific" rescue groups: LA Boxer Rescue and Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue. These are 2 of the busiest rescue groups in LA.

Breed specific rescues at Woofstock SWLA 2012: Adopt, don't shop! photos by Sheila Gilley

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Breed specific rescues at Woofstock SWLA 2012: Adopt, don't shop!
"Luke" a purebred Boxer for Adoptionphotos by Sheila Gilley

LA Boxer Rescue is based in New Orleans area but they have a SWLA coordinator named Tracey Young. This group had a tent with many adoptable boxers and had several of their foster parents there sharing their stories of the joy of rescuing and fostering these wonderful dogs. Grace & Jay Garbo were at Woofstock with their foster dog, "Bobby", a big lovable boxer boy who thinks he is a lap dog. "Milo" was a young boxer that seemed to steal the spotlight at the kissing booth. "Miracle" is a sweet female boxer who came to rescue in neglected health with a skin condition and is now beautiful and healthy and waiting for that special adopter who will prove to her that humans can be loving and will keep her safe. "Luke" a gorgeous white boxer boy is a gregarious dog who loves everyone. "Duke" is a beautiful boxer mix who was greeting everyone with a big smile. Several of the boxers were in the "Dogs-n-Divas" fashion show, including Milo and Sydney, both brindle boxers. So, if a pure-bred dog is what you are searching for, be sure to adopt from rescue instead of buying from breeders.

Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue is made up of a small number of committed volunteers and a large number of homeless pit bulls. Renee Smith, the founder of the group, was on hand educating and promoting the adoption of pit bulls. This lady proves just how tough rescuers can be. She is a single mom, fosters multiple dogs at her home, rescues/rehabilitates most of the pit bulls in her group, coordinates the "Positive Pit Project" which matches PTSD victims with pit bulls that have been trained to be therapy dogs, and she attends college. Renee and Crystal Flowers were showcasing several great pit bulls for adoption, including: "Fizzle", "Gemma", and "Sal" (see slide show for pics). With pit bulls fighting against stigma and breed specific legislation, pit bull rescues need all the help we can give. Please consider adopting one of these beautiful, loving animals and renew their faith in humans.

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