BRATS transfer from MADACC to Waupaca

BRATS transfer from MADACC to Waupaca
Grayson is an old soul and extremely loving. He's available for adoption in Waupaca.

Badger Rescue Animal Transport Services (BRATS) members seem to go the extra mile and maybe resort to a little friendly bribery when it comes to saving the life of a feline friend.

One extremely lucky boy named Grayson was transported from MADACC to the Humane Society of Waupaca County at the end of July. Dedicated BRATS member, MaryAnn, was introduced to Grayson while volunteering in cat socializing at MADACC and just fell in love. Grayson came to MADACC as a stray and no one claimed him. After spending time with him she found this 2 year old boy to be an awesome cat! “He is an old soul, kind, gentle and very loving. All he wanted was to be held and loved. If he could have crawled inside of me, he would have” according to MaryAnn. But “I was worried he wouldn’t make it out alive”.

After surfing Facebook one day, MaryAnn found a post from Monica, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Waupaca County. Monica, stated they were in need of paper towels. MaryAnn jokingly, yet secretly hopeful, replied she would bring in paper towels if Monica would take Grayson. Monica, who is a volunteer driver for BRATS herself, replied with a yes to this unconventional agreement.
Saturday July 24th was a new birthday for Grayson. Two BRATS drivers picked him up from MADACC along with a couple of lucky dogs and drove to meet Phil and MaryAnn in the city of Allenton. From Allenton, Phil and MaryAnn took the animal crew along with 32 rolls of paper towels, 3 large bags of cat food and 2 bags of kitten food to Waupaca.

“This particular transport had 4 of Milwaukee County’s neediest animals. Our friends of the Humane Society of Waupaca County recognize the importance of helping out with MADACC animals and help whenever they have available space” said Lynn a fellow BRATS volunteer.

At the time of Grayson’s transfer Waupaca was full. But when the going gets tough, there is much to be said for people who open their hearts and their minds to make saving lives possible. “Waupaca rocks for me” said MaryAnn

It started with a little creativity and was mixed with effort and compassion. Now all this recipe needs is a loving person to give Grayson the forever home he deserves.

To find out more information on Grayson please visit If you are unable to add to your family at this time, please forward or post this to help continue the efforts in finding Grayson a new home!

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