Bosco the Newark Boston terrier

Bosco the  Newark Boston terrier

Bosco the  Newark Boston terrier

Bosco the Boston

As you can see, Bosco the Boston terrier does not much like having his picture taken. You should see him when his beagle packmate Max decides to clean his radar-dish ears. He sits and takes it with a look of incredible distress on his face.

Bosco started life living in an apartment in Newark. His owner was a student at NJIT. When she graduated and got a job in another state, she realized that she was not in any position to care for a dog and gave him to the family of a friend. Bosco ended up with Max the beagle, Beau the puggle and Scoobie the dachshund.

Dogs who spend long periods of time alone in a single room sometimes develop a doorway fixation. They know that when their owner goes out that door, they will be left alone for a long time and get very upset when people leave. Bosco had it, big time. He would welcome everyone who entered the house--and then try to stop them from leaving by jumping up and down, barking and biting their shoes. After living in a home where there is always company--even if it is only other dogs--he has gotten better, but he still shows signs of agitation when people leave the house.

Bosco is highly territorial. You might say that he is the direct opposite of Max. The house and yard are his territory and he would not consider leaving. He does not see birds, cats or squirrels who cross the yard as prey--he sees them as intruders and chases them away. He frequently barks when there are barking dogs on television, frantically looking around to find them.

Bostons terriers are the classic house dog. They enjoy human company and guard their home. Having a Boston is the equivalent of having an alarm system With incredibly acute hearing and a tight focus on their boundaries, they will warn you of any intrusion.

Bosco is a perfect little gentleman, wearing a tuxedo. He is not aggressive, but he will fiercely defend his food or his treats. He has very strange table manners. He takes a bite of food from the dish, circles around and chews and returns to the dish for another bite.

He is also very intelligent. He understands a lot of English like "treat", "food" and "upstairs". If you even think about going to bed, Bosco is standing at the stairs with a chew toy in his mouth. He knows that a person in a jacket with car keys is thinking about leaving. He is incredibly attentive and knows what you are going to do before you do.

Bosco has always considered playing with the other dogs as beneath his dignity. Scoobie, the strange little dachshund, has somehow managed to break through his reserve--by sheer persistance--and Bosco will actually play with him for a short time before returning to his usual quiet, attentive reserve.

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