Bil-Jac is launching a Facebook contest

Bil-Jac is launching a Facebook contest
Bil-Jac Dog Food

Everyone seems to be utilizing Facebook these days and why not. It seems to be one of the most popular social sites besides Twitter. Most rescues, shelters, pet suppliers, pet food companies and pet related people are on there. It gives suppliers and manufacturers a way to connect with pet lovers and see what it really is that they are wanting for their pets. Bil-Jac is no different. They are on Facebook and would love to grow their pet lover fans. Just go there and hit “Like” to be a part of their pet loving family.

It is there that pet lovers will find they have created a contest that is running from November 16th until December 31st. This contest is Bil-Jac’s Bravest Best Friend contest. Here fans will post a photo and a story (250 words or less) of their dog’s outstanding courage and explain why they deserve this title. Then the fans can send invitations to their Facebook friends to go to the Bil-Jacs page and vote for their story and picture. The one with the most votes will be deemed as the “Bravest Best Friend”. Now this is a contest but it is also to raised awareness and support for America’s VetDogs®. They are an organization that helps disabled veterans and active duty military personnel with dogs to help them in their everyday life. Bil-Jacs will be donating to the America’s VetDogs® and the Veterans K-9 Copr®. For each like a story gets, Bil-Jac’s will donate $0.10 to the American VetDogs®.

There will be three winners for the contest and prizes as follows:

  • 1st Place – One year supply of Bil-Jac’s dog food and America’s VetDogs® treats
  • 2nd Place – six month supply of Bil-Jac’s dog food and America’s VetDogs® treats
  • 3rd Place – One month supply of Bil-Jac’s dog food and America’s VetDogs® treats

Note: Food supply is limited to one bag per month and treats are one case per month.

In September, Bil-Jac’s partnered with American VetDogs® and created dog treats. When purchased, these treats help support American Hero’s. If a pet parent is already buying treats for their dog they should just buy these to show their support to the American soldiers. Bil-Jac’s support of the America’s VetDogs® and Veterans K-9 Corp® is a cause that is very dear to them and very important. These treats are sold at Petco and other pet supply retailers.

Go to the Animal Rescue Site and click the purple paw print to help feed shelter animals for FREE.

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