Bexar County Sheriff's Office seizes starving and injured horses from farm

Bexar County Sheriff's Office seizes starving and injured horses from farm

Beaten up, wounded, sand burned, and freshly gelded with no after care, these horses all need extra care and expert handling. Volunteers and donations would be appreciated.

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By Tuesday afternoon, 16 horses had been seized by Texas' Bexar County Sheriff's Office in the southwest section of Bexar County on Oak Island Road. The decomposing corpses of three horses were discovered on Monday; ten more horses were found extremely malnourished, and others presented with open wounds and horrendous injuries.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office seizes starving and injured horses from farm

One of the rescued mares fell asleep while eating. The horses are already feeling better with food in their bellies.

According to, the owner faces 19 counts of animal cruelty. On Monday, representatives from the Meadow Haven Horse Rescue, a nonprofit organization located in Nixon had already seized eight of the worst horses.

"This is the worst case of animal cruelty I’ve seen. Some of the horses have no skin. It's peeled up pretty bad," stated the owner of Meadow Haven, Darla Cherry.

The owner states he has the proper documentation proving that he purchased the horses in that condition.

The investigation began when neighbors began to call authorities about the terrible odors coming from the eight acre parcel near Somerset where the horses were living. Water barrels were only partially full, and photographs of the horses show horrendous injuries unlikely ever attended to by a veterinarian.

The horses are now safely being cared for at the Meadow Haven Horse Rescue. The organization is asking for qualified volunteers to foster or be able to adopt. Please contact the rescue at [email protected]

Please be advised some of the photographs are very disturbing.

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