Being Brandy: Your captions for our puppy mill survivor

Being Brandy: Your captions for our puppy mill survivor
Brandy, dog of The HSUS's Stop Puppy Mills campaign manager.

A few weeks ago, in celebration of Pet Sitters International's Take Your Dog to Work Day, I posted a photo of office dog Brandy (who dons the same name as one of my childhood dogs) and asked you to offer caption suggestions. Adopted by our Stop Puppy Mills campaign manager after being rescued from a Virginia puppy mill, this former breeding mom is now helping to bite back against mills as our honorary “survivor outreach coordinator" and all-around morale booster.

Thanks to all of you who shared caption ideas for Brandy; here are my ten favorites.

10. If they could see me now. —Judy Adams West
9. Look, I wore the wrong color today, my keyboard just locked up on me, and I haven't had a potty break for the last four hours. So please go away and let me finish this report! —Sandra Hild
8. My boss is workin’ me like a dog but I'm bringin’ home the beggin’. —Noelle
7. If I’d known sound carried so well through these cubicles I wouldn’t have eaten that burrito last night. —Kristina E. Beard
6. HELP!!! I have a report due today and I can't reach the keyboard. —Kelly Gregory
5. Another day, another dollar, but I'm savin' up for a diamond collar. —Summer Kubat
4. Are you kidding; after what I've been through, this is a piece of cake! —Rita Holt
3. Don't say a word… there is a MOUSE on the desk, just to my right. —Richard Fyffe
2. How do I get this thing to give me my treats?! —Kim O'Bryan
1. And, the winner: Now to get to work to save all the others! —Kelly Humpherys Bailey

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