Beautiful Miss Molly, Orange County German shepherd

Beautiful Miss Molly, Orange County German shepherd

Molly is amazing

Orange County, CA - There is nothing better than having the opportunity to share good news.

Beautiful Miss Molly, Orange County German shepherd
Molly sitting for a treatStella's Hope

Last week, a gorgeous 2 yr-old German shepherd named Molly was sitting at the Orange County Animal Care facility.

Though Molly was, without question, stunning - she was still at risk. Unfortunately, an incredible number of German shepherds seem to wind up in shelters throughout California.

Sadly, there are frequently too many and area rescues are not able to save them all.

But Molly was saved - today she is safe and sound thanks to Stella's Hope All-Breed K-9 Rescue.

Those who have met Molly are thrilled with her - she is "amazing" (please click here to see Molly playing with a new friend).

Molly has been transported to a training facility where she will spend the next several weeks brushing up on her basic obedience.

When Molly is done, she should be ready to go to a phenomenal new home.

Thank you Stella's Hope for saving another incredible dog!

(If you shared the initial plea for Molly's life, please share this story so that everyone will hear the happy outcome. Thank you!)

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