Beagles unleashed in war against bedbugs

Beagles unleashed in war against bedbugs
Beagles Nemo (left) and Mickey

There is an old saying, “don’t let the bedbugs bite,” and that is precisely what beagles Nemo and Mickey have beene hired to do according to New York City deputy commissioner of Housing Preservation and Development Vito Mustaciulo.

In fact, the dynamic duo are so proficient at sniffing out bedbugs that nine visits to apartments their first day on the job resulted in three landlords being hit with violation notices.

“Within minutes of bringing the dogs into the apartments, they sat down and signaled that there were bedbugs,” an excited Mustaciulo told the Wall Street Journal. “That’s incredible.” He also stated that the pair of specially trained beagles are now being deployed to sniff out the pesky insects in buildings throughout New York in response to requests made for their services on the City’s 311 (non-emergency) line.

TheWall Street Journal also reported that the “bedbug” beagles are part of a “coordinated, multi agency effort that began in response to the epidemic infestations during the summer of 2010,” and follows similar programs already in effect in other metropolitan areas such as Milwaukee and Seattle.

Cost of purchasing the dogs, and providing their training, shelter at an upper East Side kennel (where they undergo frequent grooming) and veterinary care came to $69,000 for the first year, most of which was picked up by the City Council, with medical visits covered by pet insurance. In addition, Nemo and Mickey have their own uniforms and Housing Preservation & Development badges.

Similar services are also available to residents in Connecticut through private companies including Connecticut Bed Bug Dogs.* To learn more contact them at 1127 High Ridge Road- Suite 321, Stamford, CT 06905 203 377-2847 or toll free at 888 984-2847

*Mention of this service does not indicate endorsement by either Diana Duel or

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