Battered dogs thrown away in trash pile behind Texas car wash

Battered dogs thrown away in trash pile behind Texas car wash

Where the dogs were found

Two dogs, battered and torn, one near death, were discovered in a dumping area behind a car wash near Houston, Texas, this past March.

The dogs, dubbed "Blackie," and "Brindle," are believed to have been victims of the detestable bloodsport of dog-fighting.

When the dogs were first discovered, Blackie was near death.

The first night, Brindle appointed herself as guardian and care provider for the ailing dog; she sat by her side as the hours passed, crying and licking at Blackie's countless wounds.

Today, the fresh injuries have faded to scars, and the once abused dogs are once again healthy.

The woman who saved their life is in desperate need of assistance to find a rescue organization or adopter who can take them in.

Blackie and Brindle's rescue shared the following plea:

we are getting pretty desperate here and the girls have now been at my vet's office for 3 months.

They are all healed up and ready to head to the next place on their journey to a forever home.

The knowledge that these dogs have endured, and survived, horrific trauma inclines the woman who saved them to find a rescue agency or sanctuary which is familiar with dogs who have been victimized by dog fighting.

The dogs have their own Facebook page (click here) with numerous photos of them as they have recuperated from their injuries.

Anyone with questions or who can help with a rescue or adoption, please email: [email protected]

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