Austin Guinea Pig Rescue

Austin Guinea Pig Rescue
A lovable small pet

At this time, I’d like to introduce the Austin Guinea Pig Rescue. Their mission is rehoming guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, degus, hedgehogs and a small number of rabbits.

Not only do rabbits enjoy carrots but so do other small animals like guinea pigs. These small animals enjoy lots of vegetables so a gift card from HEB would be greatly appreciated.

Many of these animals chew paper towel and toilet paper rolls to maintain their teeth and avoid regular dental visits to a vet. What do you do with your empty paper towel or toilet paper roll? You could save them then send the items to this small rescue organization. I believe in recycling products so I store all these empty rolls in an empty soda case container.

There are several guinea pigs seeking families to enjoy life for the next five to seven years. Click here to watch a video I produced of these cute lovable small pets.

Austin Guinea Pig Rescue also has a number of hamster/gerbil/mouse cages as well as a few guinea pig cages for sale. Send an email to contact them about purchasing the cages.

To view all the small pets ready to entertain your family visit Austin Guinea Pig Rescue’s website.