Atlanta Aware Wildlife Rehabilitation Targets Cats with Junk Science

Dangerous ignorance alert -- Cobb County Animal Control has some 'useful links' listed on their home page. One such link, Atlanta Aware Wildlife Rehabilitation specifically targets cats in it's half truths and junk science propaganda. Under their link Cats and Wildlife they post at the very top of their page:" You Can Save 1,000's of Lives It is our responsibility to protect and provide for our planet's wildlife." Sounds good so far.

Atlanta Aware Wildlife Rehabilitation Targets Cats with Junk Science

Taking feral cats to animal control is a certain death sentence. This cat genocide is unwarranted.

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Atlanta Aware Wildlife Rehabilitation Targets Cats with Junk Science

doing what nature intended

They go on, " Each free-roaming cat kills 200-400 wild animals every year. These wild animals are yours to protect and enjoy.". What they omit is that much of the wildlife that cats kill are rats and mice, rodents in general. Cats are expert rodent hunters. How many of us enjoy rats and mice creeping into our walls chewing on electrical wires, causing house fires? How many of us enjoy rats and mice in our homes, in our pet food, in the food we leave out for the birds? How about the droppings that the rodents leave all over our home? Their droppings contain toxins that at the very least cause sickness and disease and at the worse cause death. Furthermore, FERAL CATS ARE WILDLIFE!

Coining themselves as an educational organization they continue trashing cats: "Cat lovers who allow their animals to roam free and kill wildlife show no concern for their cat or our wildlife. First, the owner's cat kills hundreds of wild animals each year. When the cat is killed by a coyote or a fox, the pet owner blames the coyote or fox. This causes a vigilante mentality within the neighborhood to rid the area of coyote and fox. As a result, even more wild animals die. The coyote and fox are only doing what nature intended and should not be blamed."

Isn't the cat also doing what nature intended? Cats have been demonized and tortured for centuries due to this very type of dangerous ignorance. Survival of the fittest; Cats kill rodents and coyotes kill cats and nature balances the population of all. In this way we don't have an overabundance of cats or rodents depleting the food supply causing starvation, disease, and death. We don't have an overabundance of homeless cats round-up and killed at county shelters when we allow nature to control the supply.

A vigilante mentality within the neighborhood? In other words there are sick, ignorant and violent people in this world that look for any reason to take out their aggression on others. Sometimes the coyote crosses their evil path, sometimes it's cats that get the brunt. People that use violence to solve problems use violence in all areas of their life. If we took a look at animal abuse statistics the numbers clearly show that cats receive far more abuse than coyotes. Domesticated cats, unlike feral cats, have no say so in who's hands they end up. They are at the complete mercy of whomever takes them in. Some people intentionally adopt cats with the sole purpose of abusing them or using them in cruel painful lab experiments. Many people adopt with the best intentions but soon find they cant care for the cat and dump them at a kill shelter. Feral cats have some control over their world and are right to fear people. Would you prefer to live life as nature intended or to risk ending up in the care of a lunatic?

Just when you think that their anti-cat message couldn't get any worse, it continues, "These cats are not a part of the natural order and should not be allowed to kill our wildlife. Feral cats need to be caught, taken to shelters and adopted. If they are unable to be adopted, they need to go to a sanctuary. If no one can find the money to create sanctuaries, the remaining alternative is euthanasia." Feral cats are generally not adoptable because they are WILD animals that belong in the WILD. They are NOT homeless. THE OUTDOORS IS THEIR HOME as much as it is the squirrels, birds and coyotes. Taking cats to animal control is a certain death for feral cats. Killing healthy animals is not euthanasia, it is cruelty.

Cats were brought to this country to control the rodent population. Rats are not indigenous to this country. Rats came here via the trade ships and settlers. With no predator to keep their numbers in check the rats bred out of control depleting and contaminating the settlers food supply, destroying crops, spreading disease and illness. People, coyotes, wolves, hawks, nothing was able to control the rats until the arrival of the cat. The cat and ONLY the cat can catch and kill rats and mice in such quantity as to control their numbers.

Atlanta Aware continues their brainwashing, "Trapping of coyotes and foxes is not the answer. Virtually every scientific study on this issue has concluded that trapping only increases the population because the remaining members of the species over breed to fill the gap that was created." Again, Aware fails to mention ALL the facts. Cats are just a much a part of our CURRENT ecosystem as the rest of our CURRENT wildlife. Virtually every scientific study conducted on trapping and killing feral cats show that this only INCREASES THEIR NUMBERS because the remaining cats over breed to fill the gap referred to as the Vacuum Effect.

Birds are part of the wildlife food chain just as the cat is. Man and the destruction of natural habitat is the number 1 killer of birds. Managed feral cat colonies are fed by volunteers in the daytime hours when birds are most active and more likely to be caught by a cat. A cat with a full tummy naps, not chase or kill birds. Furthermore cats prefer rodents to birds. Birds are a lot more work with less success. Cats are nocturnal by nature. They prefer hunting at night when the rodents come out from hiding.

On their website Aware claims "Through its education programs, AWARE teaches that the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife is essential for our mutual survival." In what warped alternate universe is promoting the removal and slaughter of wildlife i.e. cats peaceful coexistence? Mutual survival? Promoting the trapping and killing of feral cats is not humane or peaceful and exactly how does killing them promote the cats mutual survival?

Please contact Cobb County GA Animal Control and ask that they remove this dangerous anti-cat propaganda link from their website. Contact the Atlanta Aware Wildlife Rehabilitation and let them know that their hate message is heard loud and clear and has absolutely nothing to do with preserving ALL wildlife or education. Contact those that govern these organizations and your elected officials. Insist that they shut down these and all other websites that promote cruelty to cats. CALL TODAY, call now! Every second that we allow this hate speech to continue another innocent beautiful life is taken.

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