Arrest made in Anderson County puppy mill raid

Arrest made in Anderson County puppy mill raid

Donald F. Black charged with ill treatment of animals

An arrest has been made in the Anderson County puppy mill raid, which took place August 9 at a Starr residence. WSPA7 News announced that Donald F. Black, Sr., 72, was taken into custody Tuesday morning from his Martin Road residence.

Black was charged with ill treatment of animals after 153 neglected and malnourished dogs were removed from the property on over the weekend. Many of the dogs were laying in their own feces, in makeshift cages with green algae for drinking water. Some of the dogs reportedly were running loose on the property.

Rescue workers are still working at the old Anderson animal shelter, where the dogs will be housed for two weeks as they are watch for symptoms of parvo. Since a puppy who died of parvo was reported by a woman who purchased one of the puppy mill dogs, officials fear the rest have been exposed.

So far there are no other cases of the disease, but Anderson County P.A.W.S. wants to be sure the animals are in good condition before being offered for adoption.

Two animal crisis organizations are assisting the shelter as they care for the dogs. RedRover Responders and the Humane Society are working with the dogs, alongside Anderson County P.A.W.S. and many volunteers from the Anderson community who have stepped up to help.

Anderson County Interim Administrator Rusty Burns gave a statement to WSPA7 saying

“I want to personally thank these two organizations for their assistance. Representatives from these two nationally-recognized organizations will arrive in Anderson tonight and immediately get to work on Tuesday morning. This past weekend has been an amazing demonstration of the generous spirit of our residents. Their kind response towards these animals has turned a terrible situation into a true testament to the kind of County we are.”

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