Adopting senior pets: November is national adopt a senior pet month

Adopting senior pets: November is national adopt a senior pet month
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Boston’s shelters have a variety of animals available for adoption; all ages, sizes and shapes, but which one will be right for you?

What is a Senior?

Depending on the breed of animal you are looking at, a pet is considered a senior around age 7 or 8. Giant breeds, such as Great Danes are considered senior at 5 while a Chihuahua would be senior at 9 or 10. Cats generally live longer than dogs, so their senior years would be about the same as the Chihuahua. But your veterinarian or the shelters veterinarian would be able to give you an accurate reading on the pet you are considering adopting.

Why adopt a Senior?

A senior pet can be considered a ‘take home pet’. You take them home and they fit right into your life. There is less chance of chewing and housetraining issues, they can be left alone longer than a puppy, require less vigilance in supervision. And best of all, they are grateful for a second chance, they truly appreciate the forever home you will be giving them.

Where can I find a Senior?

A great source for local shelters to promote their pets is Begin by searching the breeds you think would best suit your lifestyle. Visit local shelters to see who is available; talk to shelter staff, they know the animals which reside there. They may have even taken certain pets home or have had them roaming around the facility.

Get out to your local shelter and see who is ready to go to your forever home.

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