Adoptable pets of the week - 6/11/2010

Adoptable pets of the week - 6/11/2010

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Pick of the Litter
Max is an 8 month old male Lab mix, who’s already neutered and housebroken. Max is a sweet guy in a desperate situation. Not as loud and energetic as some of the other dogs at West Valley City Animal Services, somehow he just keeps getting overlooked. He’s already had one stay of execution, when the shelter got too full and he was the dog who’d been there the longest. Luckily for him, a rescue organization came on Max’s very last day and took some other dogs, leaving a little more space in the shelter. But now the shelter is full again, and Max’s days are sadly numbered. He’s a very sweet dog, who’s calm and a little shy when you get him alone, away from the shelter environment. He just wants someone to love. This guy is really too good to pass up. Please come get him before it’s too late.

West Valley City Animal Services
4522 W 3500 S
West Valley City, UT 84120

Adoptable pets of the week - 6/11/2010
Pets of the Week

Dusty is a 2 month old female dilute tortoiseshell Domestic Shorthair. Dusty doesn’t have much time for sitting still, not when there’s something to play with or somewhere to explore. If you want an active little kitty to make your house feel like a home, this is the baby girl for you!

Sweet Candies!
Do you prefer Licorice, or Hershey’s?
West Valley City Animal Services has Labrador Retrievers in every color. Labs are the most popular breed of dog in the United States, and for good reason. Highly intelligent, and easily trainable, Labs really make the ideal family pet. Here is just a sampler of the large variety available:

Licorice is a 2 year old female black Lab. Her coat is sleek and shiny, and she’s just the right size: not too big to be manageable, and not too small to play with. She has a calm, sweet-natured temperament, and a tail that lets you know when she’s happy. She’d be a sweet treat for any family!

Hershey is an 8 month old female chocolate Lab. Her coat is the color of milk chocolate, and her eyes are soft and brown. She has a nose that won’t quit (part of her hunting-dog heritage) and a cute little head-tilt when something catches her attention. Everyone needs a little chocolate now and then!

West Valley City Animal Services’ adoption fees include spay or neuter surgery and vaccinations.

Salt Lake County Animal Services
511 W 3900 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

If you are looking for a calm and gentle dog, then Theo is the dog for you! Theo is an 11 year-old Australian Cattle dog. He is housebroken and leash trained too! Don’t let his age deceive you, even at 11 years-old he still loves to go for walks and play, but is also content just hanging out at home with his new family. This is a dog that truly deserves a second chance, so please come down to the shelter and visit Theo today!

Rocket is a 4 year-old Domestic Shorthaired cat. He has been at the shelter since April 4, and he is more than ready to go home! Rocket is a very social cat who loves to be petted and would do well in a home with other cats. He is a bit of a bigger boy, but that just means that there is more of him to love! If you think that Rocket would make a great addition to your family, come on down to the shelter.

Currently Salt Lake County is offering a special on adoptions for cats over 6 months. You can take any adult cat at the shelter home for free!

Humane Society of Utah
4242 S 300 W
Murray, UT 84107

Rocky is a 3 year old male black Lab. Rocky is neutered and housebroken, and how could you say “No” to that face?


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