Adoptable pet profile: Homer

Adoptable pet profile: Homer
Homer can't resist a good cat tree!

With that sleek coat and those striking eyes, Homer is one handsome hunk of man meat! One of my absolute favorite kitties available for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA, Homer is a friendly, talkative boy who loves to be held and pet. At roughly about three years of age, Homer appears to be well socialized as he gets along wonderfully with both cats and dogs and is currently living in one of the shelter's multiple cat habitats.

Think Homer would be a good match for you? Here's a couple of things to consider before adoption:

  1. Do your research: Is your house calm and quiet? Are you gone for long hours at a time or travel often? Are you looking for an outdoor pet? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Homer may not be the pet for you. Homer has been rated a "leader of the Band" by the Feline-ality evaluation standards, which means he's very playful and social and wants attention often. He's also quite vocal and may be too talkative for some homes. Before coming in to adopt, consider filling out the matchmaker form found in the "Adopt a pet" section at The first portion of the questionnaire will give you a good idea what type of personality will best fit your home.
  2. Be prepared: Take a look around your home and get ready for a new kitty in advance. You may have to put away items that could be a potential new toy for cats, but of a much higher value to you. Remember, litter box placement is very important to your cat. Before bringing a new cat home, have an unused litter box already set up in a quiet, low traffic area of the house. Be sure to keep the litter box area as far away from the food and water area as possible! Just like us, cats don't like to potty where they eat and will find a more "suitable" place to do their business. When introducing your new cat to your home, show him where his litter box is and set him inside so he sees that this is the place to potty. Your cat's natural instincts will take care of the rest. Also, please keep in mind that the adjustment period can be a pretty stressful time for your new cat, so it's best to avoid adopting right before a large gathering in your home or a trip you may be planning.

Ready to come in and meet Homer? You can visit all adoptable pets in the adoptions center located in the south area at 6201 Florin Perkins Road. Visiting hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 11AM to 6PM. Please be sure to allow yourself enough time to visit and finalize paperwork as the adoption staff has to stop taking animals out and finalizing adoptions at 5:45PM to allow the last adopters sufficient time to complete the process. You can also view adoptable pets and behavior advice at

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