Adopt Gus, the Jack Russell Terrier mix

Adopt Gus, the Jack Russell Terrier mix


Take a moment and imagine what it’s like to sit at home watching the latest episode of your favorite comedy, or quiver under the covers while watching a scary movie without someone to enjoy the comedic actions, or protect you from the bloodcurdling moments on-screen.

That’s where Gus, a 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix comes to the rescue!

Gus is he is a complete attention getter that loves to give out affection like it were an inexhaustible resource of his. There is nothing that pleases him more than getting petted and sitting on his loved ones lap to keep them safe from those scary movies.

Gus is available for adoption at the Arizona Animal Welfare League. For more information about him and how you can adopt him, please call (602) 273-6852 Ext 116. His animal ID number is 19102716

Breed Info:

The Jack Russell terrier is known to be an overall cheerful breed that love and devote themselves to their people. They are generally a good dog to have with children which makes them an ideal family dog.

Training with this animal comes relatively easy when they have a trainer with a firm and consistent hand. Since they are pretty intelligent and willful this firm and consistent hand is essential. If this dog believes they are the pack leader problems such as guarding, snapping and obsessive barking may occur.

Additionally, they should be well socialized with other dogs as they may otherwise become aggressive and fight.

Since they are strong-willed hunters they will like to chase, explore and dig. It’s recommended that smaller animals be kept safe from them.

They will do well in apartments if they receive the necessary amount of daily exercise, but will do best in a home with a yard which they can spend the day running around in. They should be kept in high fenced yards as they are remarkable jumpers and can climb well. Playing games outdoors or in the house is among their most enjoyable activity when they cannot be taken on a walk. If they are not regularly well exercised and their minds stimulated, restlessness and destructive tendencies may occur.

Some health problems include dislocation of kneecaps, eye diseases and deafness with their average lifespan is known to exceed 15 years.

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